About Us
Education Explosion, Inc. was established in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization in 2009. Our diverse instructional staff collectively has over 200 years of teaching experience with a remarkable array of certifications.

We are committed to ensuring that students are provided with solid reading and math skills that will allow them to be successful at every grade level and in their everyday lives.

We provide intervention, enrichment, tutoring and supplemental educational services in Reading, English Language Arts and Mathematics to elementary school children in East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding parishes.

Education Explosion, Inc. is also the operator for Impact Charter Elementary. Impact Charter Elementary will be a Core Knowledge School serving grades K-3 during its first year in 2014, and will add a grade each year to expand up to a K-5 school by its third year.  The mission of Impact Charter Elementary School is to provide a rigorous Core Knowledge education for all students in a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment.

Impact Charter Elementary will be the first of its kind in Baker, and will uphold a positive and unique school culture that will empower students to reach their highest potential in order to close the achievement gaps.

Our committed and caring staff receives fulfillment from working to achieve our mission to make a difference in children's lives.